Nu-Derm® System (by Obagi)

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Nu-Derm System for Normal to Oily Skin

Feel like you have been searching for the ideal skin regime but it always comes up short?  Try the Obagi Medical-Grade Nu-Derm System for Normal to Oily Skin.  It is a complete skin care system specially formulated for normal to oily skin to help correct hyperpigmentation, such as dark spots and melasma, and transform the appearance of aging skin.

This kit will protect your skin against sun exposure and natural elements, helping to ward off the effects of aging. You will see the difference with this kit. It is a safe, and cost-effective way to safeguard your skin against damage, with products that work together to provide you skin total care. This kit is not available in a retail store, but you can purchase it conveniently here from our Web store.

The kit includes a foaming gel that removes impurities and cleanses the skin, a gel-based cleanser which can be used to remove oil and makeup, and a toner which adjusts the pH level of the skin to allow other treatments to better penetrate the epidermis.

 Please see Important Safety Information below and Prescribing Information.

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Kit Includes:

  • ·         ·         Foaming Gel
  • ·         ·         Toner
  • ·         ·         Clear
  • ·         ·         Exfoderm® Forte
  • ·         ·         Blender®
  • ·         ·         Obagi Hydrate®
  • ·         ·         Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 50